We view the Habitat experience as having three main pillars, each supporting our members to live better. Where you work, reside, with whom and how you spend time has a profound impact. To thrive, we believe those details must be intimately considered.


Each Habitat location is locally relevant in its feel and function, but we are a network of communities connected by our values, interests and missions to live better. In each location we provide the same resources to make achieving health, balance and greatness imminent.

Habitat in Sydney


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Community In-Action

You may have seen the word ‘community’ thrown around at liberty. At Habitat, we don’t use it lightly, nor in the abstract. We take care in the way we bring our members together, to enrich their lives so they, in turn, may enrich the lives of others. Here are few examples of our ‘community’ in action.

Beach Cleanups

Since opening our doors in Bali, we’ve hosted regular beach clean ups. We provide our members with all the right gear, and always throw in refreshments and post-cleanup get togethers.


Community Trip to Mt. Batur

Mt Batur is one of Bali’s climbable active volcanoes. The views from the peak are breath taking and, according to most members who’ve taken the hike, worth getting out of bed at 4am for.

Community Trip to Mt. Batur

Habitat Tent @ Odyssey Fest

We like getting involved in other great ideas, too. Between workouts, attendees of the inaugural Odyssey MVMT Fest in Bali came to catch shade and provocative talks under our Habitat tent.

Habitat Tent @ Odyssey Fest

Volleyball Tournament

We held a charity volleyball tournament on the local courts in Canggu, Bali. We’ll admit, things got competitive, but all in the name having fun and raising funds (for reforestation in Sumatra).

Volleyball Tournament