We view the Habitat experience as having three main pillars, each supporting our members to live better. Where you work, reside, with whom and how you spend time has a profound impact. To thrive, we believe those details must be intimately considered.


Each Habitat location is locally relevant in its feel and function, but we are a network of communities connected by our values, interests and missions to live better. In each location we provide the same resources to make achieving health, balance and greatness imminent.



Our coworking facility, Habitat HQ, is more than just a room with desks, chairs and lightening speed WiFi. Although we do have all those features, we like to refer to the space as a collaboratory. Our members come not only to get work done (and we mean, actually get it done), but also to be inspired and challenged.

Our approach to coworking

We work with three notions for a collaborative and productive workflow at Habitat HQ.


Balance produces the most inspired work. Our HQs have health bars for when you a quick reboot, and custom relaxation stations for some downtime.


We have thoughtfully engineered our space so that you are easily able to drop in and focus, to produce the results your work requires.


Our curated membership and events program assures that you will never be short on insight, inspiration, and positive influence.

What do you get?

Private Desk

These desks are for Solopreneurs who need somewhere to open their laptops and unpack their minds. They are the perfect seats for where intense focus is required.

Office Space

If you are a Start Up or a small company looking for a space to host your team, we have several small office spaces available to temporarily or permanently make your own.

Meeting Rooms

At Habitat we believe in cocreation. We have a number of bookable private meeting rooms that can fit small to medium sized groups with big to grandiose visions.

Call Rooms

Our call rooms are also private and bookable. These spaces have been sound-proofed and are ideal for confidential online meetings or recording virtual conferences and talks.

Health Bar

Habitat Health Bars plate up nourishing and thoughtfully priced brain-food. Each Health Bar is equip with an in-house barista, GF and vegan options, and a range of energy elixirs.

Relaxation Stations

In each location, our Relaxation Stations have been designed around the local climate and purpose built into our HQs for members to enjoy at any time mid-workflow.


Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. We’ve kept our HQ aesthetic as close to natural as possible to remind our members the importance of celebrate perfect imperfections.


Our events program ranges from group dinners to talks to workshops to community sports to weekend trips away. We keep up to date on who is passing through town and support our members to host their own events.

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Where we are

"Habitat is an intentional community of eco-conscious travelers and digital nomads, woven through the best parts of Canggu. Living here gives me access to one of the most open, intelligent, and lovely communities I have ever had the privilege of being part of. Our community member led events keep me motivated and action oriented. Habitat makes Canggu feel like home."

Naomi M.

Scientist & Mindfulness Teacher