We view the Habitat experience as having three main pillars, each supporting our members to live better. Where you work, reside, with whom and how you spend time has a profound impact. To thrive, we believe those details must be intimately considered.


Each Habitat location is locally relevant in its feel and function, but we are a network of communities connected by our values, interests and missions to live better. In each location we provide the same resources to make achieving health, balance and greatness imminent.



Living at Habitat means a commitment to living better. The money you exchange for your stay goes toward carbon offsetting, eco-friendly cleaning products, furniture made from upcycled biomaterials, impactful community events and, ultimately, towards holding you accountable to live in a way that prioritises regenerating our natural environment.

Our approach to coliving

Coliving at Habitat is underpinned by a few intrinsically linked ideas that we believe promote our broader mission of living better together.

Living In-Agreement

With features like compost gardens and waste management services, Habitat living spaces have been created to support human civilisation in coexisting peacefully with nature.

Living Well

With their spaciousness and natural lighting, Habitat interiors have been designed to promote feelings of health, happiness, motivation, and productivity.

Living Together

Our homes support our community and our community is made up of the people who fill our homes.

What do you get?

Housing services

Cleaning, maintenance, and other housing services are provided for at Habitat. We have a stellar team of staff so that our members feel completely taken care of.


Bedding, linen, towels, lamps, fresh water, WiFi, dining and kitchenware is all provided for, meaning your luggage can be light when you move in with us.


While we value community, we believe that privacy is equally as important. We have designed our homes to ensure our members each have their own space, which can be retreated to in solitude whenever needed.

Work environment

Habitat not only provides the physical essentials for getting work done, but through the careful curation of our coliving membership, we place our residents in homes with other members most likely to stimulate their work.

Communal spaces

While our members will always have access to their own private ensuite, the kitchen, pool and lounge areas are communal and set up in a way so as to promote healthy interaction between colivers.

Waste management

Our systems for waste management are different in each location. We aim to take full-responsibility for all the waste we generate in Habitat spaces in a way that is most effective for the environment.

Carbon offsets

Carbon offsetting is the reduction of greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for emissions made elsewhere. By living in a Habitat home, you can rest easy knowing that we accurately calculate your carbon footprint and offset it by donating to charities doing good work for the Earth.

Eco Products

We are mindful of the cleaning products stocked in our living spaces, and select only brands that can certify they minimise their harm to the environment.

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Where we are

"For me, Habitat Living has been a space for living more deliberately. On a daily basis I am able to connect with like-minded people for collaboration and work together on improving our conscious community. Each member can contribute to the communities cause, if they wish to do so, and together as team, we are able to make a bigger difference."

Austyn S.