We view the Habitat experience as having three main pillars, each supporting our members to live better. Where you work, reside, with whom and how you spend time has a profound impact. To thrive, we believe those details must be intimately considered.


Each Habitat location is locally relevant in its feel and function, but we are a network of communities connected by our values, interests and missions to live better. In each location we provide the same resources to make achieving health, balance and greatness imminent.

Welcome to Habitat Learning Pod

A modern, collaborative, education and lifestyle sanctuary for parents, students and teachers to thrive in partnership.

Embrace a healthy and happy lifestyle for your family

Habitat Learning Pod is a community-centric learning provider on a mission to better align modern modes of learning, living and collaboration. 

thrive in Community

Welcome to a true home away from home:  a collaborative and comfortable lifestyle space for students and parents, brought together by a shared mission and values.


Access to a world class curriculum, small classes and personalized tuition by internationally qualified, strategically selected and passionate teachers.

an impact

As members of Habitat Learning Pod, your family is investing in both your own evolution and also in our partnership-projects that create broader positive change.

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Learning for Children

Habitat offers students a balance of dedicated and personalized attention in small classes to maximize learning and growth with the opportunity to build social skills and grow in like-minded communities.

Lifestyle for Parents

Make the most of your Habitat membership by enjoying our incredible facilities, including a superfood cafe, sauna, cold plunge and pool along with innovative, air-conditioned co-working spaces and high speed internet.

Collaborative Education

Collaborative learning opportunities tailored for parents and children including technology and coding, yoga and movement, swimming lessons, nutrition, mindfulness, sustainable living, cultural activities and many more options.

World-Class Curriculum

Modern curriculum set by a highly experienced Head Teacher, taught by an Internationally Qualified teaching team with key focus on traditional academic subjects alongside innovative, creative and fun extra-curricular learning streams.

Culture + Humanity

Habitat believes in better education for all and in supporting Bali and Indonesia. Social consciousness initiatives include a One for One program, where for each enrolled student, Habitat Learning offers and supports an Indonesian child with education.

Environment + Sustainability

Environmental activism and sustainable living is at our core. Your membership includes carbon offsetting, single-use plastic free facilities, sustainable food sourcing, recycling, chemical-free cleaning products and local environmental initiatives to build a better future for your family and our earth.

Where we are

"Being part of the Habitat Living community positively shifted my Bali experience! I immediately felt at home and fully welcomed by all members. It was truly wonderful to connect with kind-hearted and environmentally thoughtful individuals through beautifully designed shared villa spaces as well as fun activities outside of the villa like yoga and fitness classes at Odyssey MVMT. I’m beyond grateful for the lifelong friendships I have made within this coliving community and I look forward to continuing to grow those relationships."

Cameron O.

Marine biologist

"The Habitat community is a diverse group of rockstars from all walks of life, and with so much experience and wisdom to share. The physical spaces are thoughtfully curated, and the events are safe spaces for members to interact and create meaningful connections with one another. The genuine friendships I formed with Habitat members added to the richness of my experience in Bali - look forward to coming back!"

Pete G.

Ops Professional in Real Estate

"As a longtime visitor to Bali, having a sanctuary like Habitat Living to drop into, is like coming home. Authentic community, inspired programming, strong environmental focus, shared living villas that enable you to meet and engage with other conscious and welcoming beings, and a great location... all create a perfect community space for your stay in Bali."

Shawn H.

Cinematographer and marine conservationist

"Habitat Learning Pod seeks to create a balanced, modern, healthy learning community where all students, parents, teachers and staff are proud and excited to be a part of. A community that is sharing and inquisitive about the challenges of our ever-changing environment.

What’s most exciting about this style of education is that with small class sizes, the teachers and students are able to build stronger connections faster which helps build a trusted and relaxed environment to develop, where questions can be asked and learning can take place.

I feel happy to be a part of an organization committed to practical skills, developing mindfulness and an awareness to a sustainable future.

This is the way of the future because students, teachers and parents desire a community and a community space. Small class sizes enable the delivery of a better-quality education and mindfulness is a skill that is of utmost importance to be able to navigate our modern world."

Marcus R.

Founding Teacher